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Slashcast Episode 7 is our Lumos Special! Of the 3 editors here at Slashcast only Emma Grant was able to attend but with some help from other Slashcasters we have a great show for you. Thoughout the show you'll hear clips of what we call "Fandomers on the Street": we were able to corner victims and ask them questions. Due to the quantity and, for those who attended I'm sure you can relate, the chaos we were unable to write down everyone's name who had something to say but thank yous everyone who contributed. Our Insider Interview with Emma Grant is with Bekki O who was the Head of Programming for Lumos. For our Fandom Opinion livejournal user Jedirita explains what she liked most about Lumos. And lastly our meta discussion features all guests this week: livejournal users emmagrant01, amanuensis1, kriken, and geoviki exclaim, "We went for the slash!". Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show. Rated R
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