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On this episode of slashcast, we have Phaballa with our GLBT news update  on ENDA, Emma Grant's insider interview with Jedi Rita, a meta discussion  about slashiness in Deathly Hallows, and Monalovely's fandom opinon on femmeslash.
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This is the September episode of Slashcast. On GLBT with Phaballa discusses Larry Craig and the top 5 gay sex scandals of the past year. Emma talks with Maple Mahogany from the Harry/Ron side of fandom in the Insider Interview. We then have a meta chat with Slashcast staff musing on plotlines that didn't get wrapped up by Deathly Hallows. And we get get the five keys to writing post-DH Harry/Draco from ravenna_c_tan.
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In our first episode since Deathly Hallows, please be
forewarned that there will be spoilers -- so if you haven't read the book, consider yourself warned.  Phaballa joins us with a discussion of the Presidential Forum on LGBT issues. The regular interview has been split into two parts and features live interviews with attendees at Prophecy. In the meta chat we've decided to postpone the DH discussion and instead focus on the current Livejournal mess.  Then Jedi Rita says her piece on life after Deathly Hallows.
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In this last episode of Slashcast before the final Harry Potter book is released, Phaballa starts us off talking about Pride around the world.  In the meta discussion, some of the Slashcast staff muse on their predictions for Deathly Hallows, which is absolutely spoiler free, though not necessarily crack free.  MelusinaHP gives us her fandom opinion about Fear, Freedom, and Harry Potter Fan Fiction.  The Insider Interview wraps up the episode with a discussion of the biggest book 7 book release party in the world, with the organizers of Sectus. 
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Episode 17 of Slashcast begins with Phaballa reassuring us that things are getting better for GLBTQ folks.  In the Meta Chat, Char, Gina, and Penny talk about the impending end of the HP series and its impact on the fandom. Rexluscus gives her Fandom Opinion about putting yourself in your fic, and then Emma Grant interviews fanfic writer Captain Tulip.  In the Mailbag segment, Emma, Grey, and Arie respond to a comment about femmeslash and ask how you think the deaths of widely-shipped characters in Deathly Hallows might affect the fandom.
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April brings Slashcast Episode 16, our first year anniversary.  First we have Greyandgrey with our GLBTQ news giving us a run-down on the Day of Silence.  In the Meta Discussion, Emma discusses podcasting and its influence on the HP fandom with Rachael of Snapecast, Annie of Quaffle Talk, and Robert of Spellcast.  DM_P gives us her opinion on the "End" of the HP series.  The Insider Interview with Char features Cursescar (a.k.a. Aspen).  Finally, we open up our mailbag with Char, Emma, and Phaballa.
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This segment features the second half of the meta discussion on podcasting from episode 16, and includes material that had to be cut from the show for time.  It features me, Robert of Spellcast, Rachael of Snapecast, and Annie of Quaffle Talk talking about some of the technical issues we dealt with as we put our podcasts together.  We also talk about the future of podcasting and legal issues that may face podcasters in the future.
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Episode 15 of Slashcast is a condensed show: we have first our Meta Chat with Charlotte and her guests this week include livejournal users wook77, sazzlette and irrevokable then our Insider Interview with Emma Grant features pir8fancier. And wrapping up this episode is the winning entry for our Equus Tickets Giveaway titled "Draco's Howler" by dark0feenix. Rated R.
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This is Slashcast Episode 14 and as always we have Phaballa with our GLBT news then Charlotte with our Meta discussion. Charlotte has on this week BJ, miints and Phaballa discussing the love of the romantic fic. There's no Fandom Opinion this week so we go straight in to Emma's Insider Interview this time with LJ user owens_mom and lastly in the mailbag Charlotte Emma  and kriken wrap up this episode. Rated R.
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Slashcast is finally back from the Holiday season with Episode 13. As always Phaballa updates us on some GLBT news and Charlotte heads our meta discussion. This episode DJ, Emma, Lauren & Charlotte wrap up 2006 with a year in review. Mijan on Livejournal gives us her Fandom Opinion regarding genfic slash. Emma has on her Insider Interview gmth on LJ (aka Gina) and Charlotte, Emma and Kris wrap up the episode in the mailbag. Rated R
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