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This month on Slashcast we talk about the holidays in fandom.  Wook77 brings us our monthly LGBT news update, Emma Grant interviews Yuletide founder Astolat, Kris and Mlyn talk about the fandom for the movie 'The 13th Warrior' on Pimp My Fandom, Wook talks with Tracy Loo Who from Random Acts and Pinkfinity from Help_Haiti in the metachat, and all of us chime in on the mailbag segment on your comments from the last episode.

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This month we'll talk about TV fandoms.  Wook77 brings us our LGBT news update, then speaks with coffeejunkii for our insider interviews. Kris and casness talk about the series 'Suits' for Pimp My Fandom, affectingly and aggybird report on WinCon, Emma Grant talks with kerryblaze, CJ Marlowe and leoche in the Meta Chat, and the Slashcast staff talk about your comments on the previous episode.

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This episode of Slashcast we're talking all about being multifandom. Wook77 brings another LGBT news update, Emma Grant interviews CJ Marlowe, Kris and Kaalee talk about the BBC series Sherlock in Pimp My Fandom, Wordplay and Clio give a Slashers on the Street report from DragonCon, Wook77 speaks with RubyTuesday5681 and TripperFunster in the metachat, and the Slashcast staff talk about the previous episode in the mailbag segment.

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This month we'll talk about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two and more.  Wook77 will share our LGBT news update, Emma Grant has an insider interview with Heidi from HPEF and Fiction Alley, Emma and Kris bring us a new segment called "Pimp My Fandom" and talk about White Collar, Wook and ElanorOfCastile report on Star Trek Las Vegas 2011 in the new segment Slashers on the Street, Kris and Arie talk with their guests Caitlyn and Rachel in the Meta Chat about Deathly Hallows Part Two and "extra canon", and everyone chimes in on the mailbag segment for introductions!

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