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April brings Slashcast Episode 16, our first year anniversary.  First we have Greyandgrey with our GLBTQ news giving us a run-down on the Day of Silence.  In the Meta Discussion, Emma discusses podcasting and its influence on the HP fandom with Rachael of Snapecast, Annie of Quaffle Talk, and Robert of Spellcast.  DM_P gives us her opinion on the "End" of the HP series.  The Insider Interview with Char features Cursescar (a.k.a. Aspen).  Finally, we open up our mailbag with Char, Emma, and Phaballa.
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This segment features the second half of the meta discussion on podcasting from episode 16, and includes material that had to be cut from the show for time.  It features me, Robert of Spellcast, Rachael of Snapecast, and Annie of Quaffle Talk talking about some of the technical issues we dealt with as we put our podcasts together.  We also talk about the future of podcasting and legal issues that may face podcasters in the future.
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