Slashcast : Slashcast Episode 5: Rebellion

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This 5th episode of Slashcast not only removes the Fandom news segment and adds in a new one called Fandom Opinion, which will be a short editorial-type recorded essay on various fandom topics, our segments are also in a new order. First Anajali (Livejournal user Rosesanguina) takes over for Phaballa with this weeks GLBT news. Well wishes to Phaballa, feel better soon. Charlotteschaos hosts our meta discussion on "Horror: The Dark Side of Fanworks & Fandom". Guests Kye (livejournal user SonofDarkness) and Amy (the ever lovely Amanuensis1 on Livejournal) join her in the discussion. Then Emma Grant starts off our new segment, namely titled Fandom Opinion, with the question: So what is it with Wank? Fanartist Sherant is this weeks interviewee on the Insider Interview with Emma Grant. Lastly, the editors of Slashcast talk about some comments left for Episode 4 and talk a bit about the changes going on at Slashcast. Rated R.
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